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Erik Buell Racing (unfortunately they've shut down all operations, this option is no longer available) has finished the initial tuning for the 1125 systems I fabricate. The results are simply astounding! With a potential 143+ HP and 80+ ft/lbs of torque at the wheel when their ecm is combined with these pipes, it will turn your 1125 into the machine it was meant to be. Hands down, these systems make more power than any other pipe out there aside from a full race system. Vastly improved fueling makes for a much smoother ride.

Select the correct exhaust from the menu and you're done.  All exhaust systems that I build REQUIRE tuning, whether it's in the form of a race ecm or manually tuned. Failure to tune the ecm to match the exhaust will eventually cause engine damage. I am not in the business of tuning, so this is YOUR responsibility.

Head over to for your tuning needs, Michael can help out with any year fuel injected Buell.

Maps are available direct from his website, custom tuning is also available for an additional fee.

Currently only a few products for the 1125 and XB Buells. All systems are made with 16 gauge 304 stainless tubing and components. All the bends are mandrel formed tube. There are some small tooling marks left in the tube from this.

Only one setup is available for the EBR 1190 RS, RX and SX, it is a RACE USE only slip-on. It will NOT meet EPA guidelines for street use. Currently the only tuning option is with a Power Commander V for the RX/SX models. The map for it is at An approximate 14 hp gain was had with the PC-V on the 1190 SX, along with a 17.5 lb loss in weight. Bazzaz Performance has a tuner package for the 1190 RS model that will work with this exhaust as well.

There are 2 available configurations for the 1125's at this time, although they can be slightly altered to your specs. These systems are loud (99 db at idle, 110+ db at 5000 rpm) for those of you looking for a lot more volume. Tuning is recommended for these pipes,  it will run with the stock ecm, although it will be lean and will eventually throw an AFV sys error code. The stock pipe weighs in at 20.5 lbs, these weigh between 8.5 and 12.75 lbs with all the hardware. If you're thinking about buying one and you've got questions, click on the contact form to the left side of the page.

If you want just a bit more sound than stock, then the MT-1 is what you'd want. It's got a nice tone to it without being obnoxiously loud. Your pipe must be sent in for the modification. I remove the original tubing into the 2nd chamber and replace it with larger diameter stainless tube. If you want a specific tip, ask for it. Outlets are resized to 1.75" OD ss.

If you've come here looking for a system for the XB series Buell, have a look in the RT-XB  and XB header sections.

 Polishing is available, average price is $90/part, headers and mufflers are considered separate.
Chin fairing kits are also available, $85 per set.
Ceramic coating per section is $125. Email or call me BEFORE ordering this. It is not listed as an option for purchase.
Radius outlet tips are an extra (per tip, RT-4, RT-XB-1 and RT-XB-2  all use 2 tips), add to the cart as required.

T-shirts are available here.

Active US (United States) military members, ask me about a discount. Use your military email when asking.

Even though they may be pictured as a polished item, these pipes do not come that way unless you order a polished finish also. Polishing takes an additional week as it is sent out to another shop for that work.

Please bear in mind, I fabricate these all one at a time by hand and I normally run at least 2-3 weeks behind.  If you cannot add an item to the cart to purchase it, that means ordering has been temporarily suspended due to the backlog being more than 6+ weeks. Please use the contact form if you would like to be notified when ordering is available again, or check back in a week or two.

If you are from outside of the US, please use the contact form to get shipping info. Please include your mailing address for accuracy on shipping quotes. 

If you do not wish to use paypal as a payment method, please contact me, I do have alternatives available.

If you have any other questions either submit your inquiry via the contact form on the left or email directly at 

For international orders, you will be responsible for any customs charges, duty fees or taxes that may be applied.
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